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College Bound

View Resource Michigan Education Savings Program

529 college savings plan which allows families to save for tuition, room & board, mandatory fees and equipment and required books for any qualified institution in the nation and some abroad. Provides tax-free growth and a state income tax deduction for Michigan Taxpayers. Can be used in coordination with the Michigan Education Trust (MET).
View Resource Michigan Education Trust (MET)

Official website. Pre-purchase undergraduate tuition for a child residing in Michigan at any Michigan public university or college, including 28 public community colleges. A 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan. Enrollment booklets.
View Resource Michigan and the SAT

In 2016, the SAT will be part of the Michigan Merit Examination (MME). Find information here for students, educators and parents about taking the SAT, how to prepare, and using free Khan Academy resources.
View Resource Pathfinder

A career exploration tool from Michigan's Talent Investment Agency.  The tool provides information to students, their parents, and guidance staff to make informed choices about educational and career options, as well as to help with creation of educational development plans. This free tool uses current labor market information, longitudinal wage data, and other institutional data and metrics, a...
View Resource Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams

Warning signs for college financial aid scams and links to report scams.
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